Shoprider Rocky 6 Scooter

Shoprider Rocky 6 Scooter

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The SHOPRIDER Rocky 6  The new features on the Rocky 6 include Gas Adjustable Tiller & Rear Adjustable Suspension plus all the luxury features you expect from a Shoprider scooter including of Powerful 2.0hp Motor, Double Pillow Super Comfort seat, Deluxe Lighting.  The Rocky 6 is a premium model offering every possible feature that Shoprider scooter offer.

The Rocky 6 comes with Either Large 360mm Spoke (ThinWheel) or Large 330mm Spoke (Fat Wheel).


  • Double Pillow Super comfort Seat
  • Width Adjustable and Lift Up Arm Rests
  • Gas Adjustable Delta Steering Tiller
  • Soft Rider Suspension / Adjustable at Rear
  • L.E.D Battery Power Indicator
  • Deluxe Front & Rear Lights
  • Hazard Lights
  • Sliding / Rotating Seat
  • High and Low Speed
  • Shopping Basket
  • Large Battery Capacity
  • Large 360mm Spoke (ThinWheel) or Large 330mm Spoke (Fat Wheel)
  • Optional Flat Free tyres can be fitted if requested
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